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How did you get the idea for Jack Be Nimble?


At the end of my freshman year in college, I had a dream that stuck with me after waking up:  a dear friend of mine was on a train, telling bits of her life story to an old man -- that became the first chapter of Jack Be Nimble:  Gargoyle. 


When I asked, Okay, what happens next? - the story really started to expand.  You know how they say these things write themselves?  Not sure if that's true, but as long as I keep asking that question, the overall story of Jack and his friends manages to play out one or two steps ahead of my ability to write it down.

First book?  How many in the series?


Yes, to both questions.  Jack Be Nimble is my first thriller series.  I've published a few short stories here and there, and paid for grad school by working as a technical writer (churning out reams and reams of operating instructions, manufacturing instructions, users guides -- the sort of writing that's incredibly vital, yet otherwise meaningless).  Any attempt by me to infuse my technical writing with a narrative arc, interesting characters, or an emotional theme wasn't exactly met with enthusiasm!


Writing, no matter what kind, is delirious fun.

What books do you like to read?


Anything.  Everything.  Reading is the absolute best.  I'd take books with a needle, if such a thing were possible.  Some of the books I like to read are actually mentioned casually in the JBN series.  Extra points if you can name at least three of them. 


For what I've read lately, take a look at Goodreads

Where can I get your books?

Jack Be Nimble: Gargoyle, Tyro, The Crystal Falcon, and A Lion About to Roar are all available right now in a variety of formats - print, Kiindle, Nook, iBookstore, etc.


Print versions can be ordered from your favorite local bookstore or from


How can I contact you?

Sending me a message from the Connect page is a good bet.  Twitter and Facebook work really well.

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