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Ben English's first thriller, Jack Be Nimble:  Gargoyle, was based on a short story which won a literary contest while he was an undergraduate student.  He was first published at age 14 in Merlyn's Pen magazine.


In college he studied international relations, English, and broadcast journalism.  Ben also holds an MBA with an emphasis in Global Management.  In addition to working as a novelist, Ben is the head of marketing for an international high technology firm based in Orlando, Florida.


An advocate of education, literacy, and helping children fulfill their potential, Ben provided pro bono strategic and marketing services to Read it LOUD!, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco and Hawaii, dedicated to raising awareness about the profound positive impact that parents have by reading aloud to their children, in their success in school and life.


Ben currently lives in the Orlando area with his wife and two children, who infuse his life with hilarity and inspiration.

The writing is amazing.  Intense action scenes . . . English paints vivid pictures with his words and they are a joy to imagine.  I fell in love with the characters, and would like to go back and read the first part of the book again.  It's so much fun!


Six Mixed Reviews

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