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Jack Be Nimble


An extraordinary thriller series revealing the razor-thin edge defining the best and worst in human nature, as a man and a woman confront a terrifying, enigmatic adversary possessed of seemingly unlimited resources bent on their destruction. 


A story exploring the very best things we all carry out of our childhood:  the necessity of faith, the ark of memory, and the confidence born of discovering - and rediscovering - who we really are.


Over 21,000 kindle downloads in 24 hours, over a month on the Amazon Top 100.



Fresh and exciting . . .a winding tale of espionage and intrigue.  There's so much that I loved, from the great locations in Europe, US, and more, to the mystery and suspense. 


Jack Be Nimble is nothing short of genius, and is sure to be a fantastic series.


Carole MacKenzie, The Life of Fiction

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